Regulations of the First St. Petersburg International Film Festival “Worldwide” (Mirovoy) St. Petersburg July 11–18, 2021

1. The main provisions

St. Petersburg International Film Festival “Worldwide” (Mirovoy) (hereinafter referred to as “The Festival”) is a competition of feature films that illustrate the ongoing convergence, interaction and mutual influence of various types of art.
The Festival is held once every two years.

2. The Festival purpose and mission

The main goal and mission of the Festival is promoting dialogue of cultures and arts. The Festival will present the cinema art as interaction and convergence of various types of art, uniting in its program both living traditions and modern innovations in cinematography. The highlight of the Festival will be the presentation of the Eisenstein award aimed at encouraging the development of Russian film industry and attracting young filmmakers. The award is a tribute to the innovative director, artist, thinker and teacher Sergey Eisenstein, whose contribution to the development of the cinema art and the formation of cinema language is recognized worldwide.

3. The objectives of the Festival

The festival seeks:

  • to attract attention to and cover artistic trends in film industry of both large and small countries;
  • to discover new names and to support young filmmakers;
  • to promote Russian and international movies as part of the art dialogue;
  • to expand the audience, to attract locals and guests of St. Petersburg, tourists and participants to the Festival events;
  • to enhance and to develop international cooperation with foreign filmmakers;
  • to involve the auduence from all over the world in cultural values exchange and in the culture dialogue;
  • to form unique intercultural communication.

4 Institutional structure of the Festival

The Founder of the Festival is Soprichastnost` LLC Cinema Company.

The Directorate of the Festival is an executive body responsible for making arrangements and conducting the Festival, as well as fund raising. The Directorate of the Festival shall approve the Program of the Festival, the screening procedure and special events schedule, as well as the jury and the Expert Council.

The Expert Council is a collegial deliberative body that evaluates projects submitted to the National Eisenstein Award competition. The Expert Council consists of Russia's top directors, producers, distributors, film critics and other film experts.
The Board of Trustees is a collegial deliberative body supervising the work of the Festival, that provides funding and attracts information, administrative and institutional resources, as well as supervising spending policy. The Board consists of prominent cultural figures and sponsors of the Festival.

The Public Council is an advisory body that exercises public control over the Festival in terms of organization quality. The Council consists of representatives of state authorities and prominent cultural figures.

5. The Festival programs

The international film competition includes:

  • full-length feature films (duration: 60 minutes or more).

The National Eisenstein Film Prize - includes:

  • open project presentation of full-length feature films made by Russian debuting directors (duration: 60 minutes or more).

The Special program includes:

  • documentaries (duration: 30 minutes or more);
  • experimental (arthouse) films (duration: 15 - 60 minutes);
  • animated family films (duration: 3 minutes or more);
  • special screenings;
  • master classes, meet-the-artist sessions and Q&A sessions;
  • presentations and business events;
  • presentation of the results of The Road to Life educational intensive film project;
  • cultural and entertainment programs.

The Special program shall be formed by the Directorate of the Festival. The number of special programs for each year shall be decided by the Festival Directorate depending on the current needs and capabilities of the Festival.

All expenses related to the transportation of film copies for special programs and special screenings shall be covered by the Festival.

6. The jury of the Festival

The films of the international competition program shall be evaluated by the International Jury consisting of top figures of Russian and international culture, in the amount of 7 (seven) people. The chairperson of the Jury has 2 (two) votes. The list of the Jury members shall be changed for every new edition of the Festival.

The Jury may not include persons involved in making or commercial use of the competition program films.

All members of the Jury are obliged to refrain from making public statements about the competition program films until the results are announced at the Award Ceremony of the Festival.

Travel and accommodation costs of each member of the Jury shall be covered by The Directorate of the Festival.

7. Prizes of the Festival

The National Eisenstein Film Award consists of

  • a money certificate for up to 1,000,000 (up to one million) rubles and Sergey Eisenstein statuette shall be awarded to a Russian debuting director for the production of a feature film.

Prizes of the International Film Competition include:

  • Prize for Best film, awarded to the film producer;
  • Prize for Best directing, awarded to the film director;
  • Prize for Best acting, awarded to an actor or actress;
  • Prize for Best film photography, awarded to the director of photography of the film;
  • Prize for Best film setting, awarded to the film production designer.

They are awarded on the basis of the evaluation of the Festival Jury.

  • The Audience Choice Award shall be based on results of the online voting at the Festival website.

All winners of the Festival prizes shall be awarded with Sergey Eisenstein statuettes and diplomas.

By decision of the Festival Directorate, additional public prizes and sponsor prizes may be awarded.

8. Application procedure

The Festival accepts films presented by film companies, film studios, independent producers, distributors and any other copyright holders.

The main international competition program of the Festival accepts feature films with the duration of at least 60 (sixty) minutes produced in 2018-2021, that have not been broadcast on Russian television, not have been screened in Russian cinemas and are not freely available on the Internet.

The applications shall be submitted from December 6, 2020 to April 15, 2020.

Copyright holders wishing to submit a film for the Festival must fill out the registration form available on the official website of the Festival or on the specialized platform.

Film copies are accepted in the original language with English subtitles (unless the original language is English).

While composing the Festival programs, priority is given to world, international and Russian premieres.

Any films insulting human dignity or promulgating ethnic hatred, religious intolerance or violence are not allowed to the Festival programs.

The Directorate reserves the right to reject any application with no reason given.

By sending an electronic application for the Festival, the applicant confirms that he /she is the authorized representative of the copyright holder of the film and agrees with all the provisions of these Regulations in full.
Within the scope of the Festival, films of both competitive and non-competitive programs can be screened no more than 3 (three) times without additional written permission of the copyright holders.

A list of films selected for the international competition program will be published on our website on May 15, 2021.

9 Documentation

The authorized agent of the films selected for the international competition program of the Festival, must, by May 30, 2021, submit to the Festival Directorate the following materials:

  • a copy of the film in DCP format;
  • a screening copy of the film in HD format;
  • a dialogue script in English (for non-Russian language films);
  • a digital copy of the film with English subtitles for translation (for non-Russian language films);
  • data for the catalogue including names and surnames of producers, leading actors, director of photography, production designer, editor, screenwriter, etc., the synopsis of the film, the biography, filmography and a photo portrait of the director as well as at least 5 shots from the film;
  • advertising materials and media publications (in electronic form);
  • a poster in high resolution (in electronic form);
  • a trailer and/or a teaser for advertising, promoting and presentation purposes;
  • other promotional materials, if available.

10 Transportation and insurance of film copies

The costs of sending copies of films included in the international competitive program of the Festival shall be covered by the Festival Directorate.

The costs related to storage and insurance of the film copies during the Festival shall be covered by the Festival Directorate.

11. Invitation Procedure

The authorized agent must, until May 30, 2021, choose one representative of the competition film crew for participation in the Festival.

The Directorate shall bear the costs of travel to St. Petersburg from the place of permanent residence and back, accommodation and meals for one representative of the film selected for participation in the Festival competition.

The festival may accredit another representative of the film crew to participate in the Festival, provided that he/she covers all his/her expenses by himself/herself.

The Directorate decides on the invitation procedure of the guests, terms and conditions their stay at the Festival individually.

The Directorate has the right to invite guests to participate in the Festival including prominent cultural figures in fields of art, cinema and pop music, as well as representatives of business and political establishment.

The Directorate reserves the right to amend these Regulations at any time.

12. Contact details

Phone: +7 (812) 98-16-777
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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