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The National Eisenstein Film Award has been established to support Russia's debut cinema and to help talented emerging filmmakers create their second or third full-length feature film. The prize is awarded basing on the results of the national competition and open project presentation at the Worldwide (Mirovoy) International Film Festival with the Expert Council, consisting of the country’s prominent directors, producers, distributors and other film makers.

The award bears the name of an outstanding figure in cinema, a brilliant theoretician and film maker Sergey Mikhailovich Eisenstein, a bold innovator and an inspirational artist who devoted his whole life to developing the unique language of the seventh art, searching for the genetic code of the cinema. Apart from making fundamental discoveries in the field of film theory, with his films he also confirmed the power of this new-born form of art, getting the audience involved through thoughtful watching.

The award seeks to develop art mainstream, to confirm high commercial potential of the innovative auteur cinema, to expand format frameworks and to promote the synthesis of movie genres. One of the founders’ priorities is providing conditions and opportunities for discovering new names in the country’s cinematography, bright talents and worthy successors of such great innovators as Sergey Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Dziga Vertov, Lev Kuleshov, Alexander Dovzhenko, Mikhail Romm, Andrey Tarkovsky and others.

The winner will receive a cash prize of up to 1,000,000 (up to one million) rubles for producing a film and a statuette named of Sergey Mikhailovich Eisenstein.

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